Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Time 2014

   This year looks very different from our other Christmases. Grief doesn't look like what it's supposed to look like. It's not on the time schedule we expect. It's messy and confusing and unexpected. It's misunderstood and rejected and embraced. It's rotten. If you have a friend or loved one who is grieving don't put your preconceptions on them. Don't expect anything of them. Don't push them. Let them talk when they want. Don't feel like you need to avoid the person who was lost to them. For the person going through it, their whole world has been shaken and shattered and will never be the same.
  I haven't done half the things I intended for Christmas this year. I did get Isaac's stocking made. That was a mile marker for me. The font is called "narnfont" and really looks like Narnia to me. I used some of the fabric my Mom got from the Aunts when they came to see her.

   The "I" is stitched with Hungarian braided chain stitch because I wanted it to stand out from the other letters but not too much. The rest are just basic chain stitches. The feather stitch was just machine sewn for fun! I really want to make him a "baby's first Christmas ornament but I'm running out of time! We'll see. I still have a teddy bear to finish making for Adelaide and several other non-sewn gifts too!
   One Person who has held us together and comforted through everything is Jesus. Christmas isn't about us, it's about celebrating Him. He is so worthy! It really is all about Him!!! There are so many sayings like " put CHRIST in CHRISTmas" but that's all wrong. Christmas is ALL about Christ not just a piece of it. Do you really celebrate HIM? That's what our Christmas is all about! Oh how I love Him!!
May your Christmas be blessed with His presence.

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