Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Sad

   The first day of July marked 6 months from the day my twins were born. The tears finally flowed last night. It still hurts and it always will. I miss him. The strangest things and visions come to your mind. I don't mean that in a supernatural way, just your own imaginings. How quiet the delivery room must have been when neither baby cried. Isaac's confusion that his brother was not up against him. It was amazing how much they cuddled in my womb.
   I know Simon is better off in Heaven with God. But, I miss him. His Daddy misses him. His sister misses him. His brother must miss him. He is not an angel. Angels, the Biblical creatures, cannot attain salvation as people can. They are different created beings and human babies don't change into another creature becoming angels when they die. That is a very good thing indeed. There isn't much in the Bible about whether babies have grown up bodies in heaven (which is the general belief) or if they grow in their new bodies like an earth-bound child does. Either way, my sweet Simon will never know sin. He will never know heartache, sadness, betrayal. Only joy, peace, the presence of God Himself! That's the ultimate comfort.
   God, the God of the Bible, is loving beyond anything we can comprehend. He is love. He is holy too and we should never forget that truth either. In fact He is so very different from us that it will probably take all of eternity to begin to truly understand.
   Oh, that's another comforting gift from God, the length of eternity versus the length of a lifespan on earth. I know that as a human my lifespan is so very short here on earth. Thus my missing him will be short comparatively. I have a job to do here on earth. Several in fact and I will continue to do the best that I can until that sweet day when God calls me home. What a reunion that will be! Until then I'll go on missing Simon while I teach his sister and his twin God's word. I'll teach them about salvation and I'll pray that they choose to follow Christ while they are young. I'll also tell them stories about when Simon was with us on Earth. 
   Do you share God's truth, His word with your children?

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