Saturday, June 28, 2014

Embroidery designs that Jane Austen may have enjoyed! Ackermann's Repository series 1

   I originally learned of Ackermann's Repository over at Mary Corbet's Needle and thread. I wanted to gather them together, clean them up and make them easy to search. The copyright on them is "attribution- noncommercial -share alike creative commons" that means you can do whatever you would like as long as you attribute them to me with the exception that you cannot sell the designs in any way shape or form. (you are free of course to sell what you make with them) .It's taking me a long time with 2 little ones underfoot. (Happy 6 month birthday to my twins. One in Heaven and one on earth). I may have to change the way this is organized as I go along and I'm not finished yet but here they are...
1811- 1815

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